Sunday, August 18, 2013

While we were on vacation in Georgia to see Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, at the High museum, we also stopped at a sweet quilt shop,  Cottontail Quilts.  I picked up with cute apron panel, and finished it up today.  Very cute!

Not really that difficult sewing, but having not sewn a lot in recent years, fun to stitch up and get the machine cranking again. Very cute quilt shop, by the way if you are in the Kennesaw area!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm doing a block of the month group at Quilt Trends, using the book "Toes in the Sand" and some beautiful batiks in blues, purples, and greens.  Each month, you pick up a packet of the materials, and have at it. Though there is a class each month as part of the program, I've not been able to get there yet.  Here are the first two block designs, you end up making 2 blocks each month, sort of a light and dark variation of the same block.

Another weekend ends, but went Saturday to a wonderful class at Knitting Temptations, with Michelle Hunter, of Knit Purl Hunter, almost done with a sweater, and then to the Ohio Theater to see Wicked with some good friends.  Today a work out at the gym, breakfast with my youngest, Mass with my oldest and gardening with my daughter!   

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial day weekend so far!

Yesterday I spent a wonderful few hours at Clines Plant Farm- The Mustard Seed Retreat taking a Succulent wreath class.  Clines is out in the country, so the setting for the class is beautiful, and so relaxing. We sat outdoors, birds chirping and  a couple of 4 week old kittens jumping out of their bed to explore.  One in particular was determined to go find her mom on her own and kept meowing loudly until the mommy cat appeared to take a rest with the kittens and feed them.

The making of the wreath was really enjoyable, very easy and I would highly recommend her classes if you live in the Columbus Ohio area.

Close up of side
The wreath will sit flat for two weeks to allow everything to take root and then I can hang it up in the garden, probably on the brick fence.  Clines also has all sort of neat items to repurpose and I did. My son has an internship at Scotts in Chemical engineering this summer, so when I saw a vintage Scotts spreader, I bought it.  I cut a piece of shelving down to fit inside the spreader, and bought some petunia's at Lowes and voila!
Next I plan on filling in around the planter with some pebbles and potted plants but this is so far.  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our Iris's are blooming!

Beautiful,  the dark purple have just bloomed this morning so no picture yet.
On another note, finished my Southwest Wrap, blocked and photographed Ravelry project.  This so reminds me of the colors of New Mexico.  New Mexico is beautiful, I would move there in a heartbeat. Just wish I had discovered it as a 20 something year old, I couldn't leave my grandkids and kids behind in Ohio, but in an alternate life, I'd love to live there.  Plan on vacationing there as often as possible.  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Some sewing!  Finished a bag for the gym, pool and summer.  The floral is an oilcloth, the sides a mesh fabric, and the red is a batik cotton.

I love the pocket on the side, zippered, and then also an open pocket. The black strap per the pattern should have been covered with the red cotton, but I liked it better this way. The pattern is the Vaca Bag, and all the fabric was purchased at Quilt Trends.  I didn't take the class, but they are offering one now.  Pretty easy to sew, though do use clips to hold your seams, since this is plastic and vinyl.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A few things done.

A couple of things for January. First, I've been working out with a personal trainer, at LifeTime Fitness in Dublin, and have been going three- four times a week, including those workouts and while I'm sore, I'm enjoying it, it is really exhilarating (once you get there and get started!).

Two things sewn in the last month. First a very easy long cowl, from some mauve burned out velvet bought at Santa Fe Fabrics last June.  An incredible fabric store, why doesn't Columbus have more fabric stores?  But anyway, I'm pleased, as this stayed in my sewing studio less than a year and it is sewn up.

A few years ago, I took a gift bag class at Joann's with a good friend. I loved the camaraderie  but the class was sadly lacking.  No handouts what so ever, or instructions were given, we had a huge list of things to buy, and then didn't know what to do with them. During the class, we were interrupted a few times by customers, who wandered into the classroom as they couldn't find anyone on the floor to help. This would have been slightly acceptable, if the instructor had told them that this was a class, she was teaching and did not work for the store, and then closed the door. However, she immediately went out of the room to help though, though she didn't work for Joann's either, she was teaching the class.  Granted, I've helped people at that store, because they can't find adequate help there, but seriously, she was supposed to be teaching our class. So we left with lots of fabric, and not sure what the instructions etc are. Now, I can figure most things out myself, but if you are paying for a class, I expect a class.

Anyway, this weekend, I was thoroughly sick of the pile of fleece from that class, and it just brought back the irritation i felt. So I finished one up, not sure if looks like the class sample, which she didn't bring into class, they stayed out on the floor, in hopes of snagging more people perhaps? but here is the first one. A gift bag for Christmas 2013! 

There is a snowflake designed cut into the fleece with a white fleece behind it.

Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 A start

One of my goals that didn't quite make it all the way through 2012, was to not only get a new camera, but really master how to use it to the fullest extent.  I did get the new camera, a Nikon D50 that I really like. To really conquer the second part, I am taking an online workshop through Squam Art Workshops, one by Thea Coughlin.

I have lots of plans for 2013, and one of them is to consistently share them on the blog!