Friday, May 25, 2012

Ahhh, the collective sigh that indicates we made it to the weekend. I always did not want to have a job that made me feel like I lived for the weekends, because work can feel so productive, I love the feeling of accomplishment etc and wishing away 5 days every week of your life seems so pointless, but I can understand now the feeling.  I am going to find a job that I will love. Period.

So off to Chili Verde for dinner, a margarita and then grocery shopping. With luck, this weekend will see the completion of the kitchen backsplash and painting, new clothes for the upcoming trip to Santa Fe and some other projects accomplished.  Maybe throw in a movie?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some weekend sewing!

The weekend is almost over, and I am jealous when I think of the Dowager Dutchess in Downton Abbey, asking "what is a weekend? Ah, to not know and have every day to just create, and enjoy.

Well anyway, enough of that, since I do work full time. This weekend though, I was able to get a fair amount of sewing accomplished.  We have been remodeling our kitchen and every weekend, it seems I work on some aspect of that project, this weekend being no exception. I did get all of the backsplash tile in place, no grout yet though.  Too sore honestly, after putting sheets of marble penny tile up.  They weight more than you would think.  So I sewed.

First done was a lightweight denim skirt, Simplicity Pattern 1887.  A really easy, comfortable and nice skirt. I did not put in the front ties, that are optional.

I also made a purse, from The Quilt Company pattern Three Pocket Tote, using batiks from Quilt Trends . It has a clever construction, where you start with an 18" square, and it folds over on itself to form the three separate pockets. I added velcroe dot closures and decorative buttons.  Definitely will make another one.

So overall, though I did not get the grout done as I had hoped, I do have a new purse and skirt!