Sunday, May 4, 2014

I just took an all day Fitting seminar with Louse Cutting from Cutting Lines Designs. It was held in Cleveland at Janie's Sewing Corner.  Fantastic!!!!!

She covered a variety of fitting issues, and we worked with small scale pattern pieces  I also bought fabric and patterns.  Will cover those tomorrow!

One thing that always sticks out for me with the independent pattern companies...besides the better quality fit and construction, I wish they would have photos of the actual garments on the pattern.  A number of the patterns, including other brands when I see the actual garment, it looks so different from the illustration.
I bought the One Seam Pants, which by the drawing, I thought would be a baggy, elastic pants but though they are elastic at the waist, they fit very well.  Another pattern I bought, Simplify Your Life, is a wonderful top with two versions, and "Take Me Anywhere" will be a Fall coat out of some beautiful novelty wool, I bought today at Janie's.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I've been participating in Knitting Sarah's, KAL for 2014- Socks with Sarah.  As I perused the two bins of sock yarn I own, and while I browsed among the online shops for more sock yarn, I wondered just how many pairs I had already knit in the last decade or so?  (I really do not need more sock yarn)

So, channeling Susan B. Anderson's sock drawer post , I pulled all of mine out for a photo.  21 pairs, though pair # 22 is drying right now, after being blocked.
 I really like to knit the wilder self striping yarn, but I've also noticed that I wear the more subdued ones more often.  Drying right now is  a pair made with bits of sock yarn from other projects. This is the link to the Ravelry page :Sock Opus, definitely not subdued!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sock Knitting

I've decided to join the KAL that Knitting Sarah has organized for 2014, called Socks with Sarah. I love the idea.  After we all saw the incredibly wonderful sock drawer belonging to Susan Anderson,, I know, as many knitters did, wanted to finish up my own over abundance in both sock yarns and socks already on the needles.   The plan with her KAL is to just knit a little each day on a sock, that is it. No deadline, etc. No specific pattern to use, thought she has several suggestions, just knit.

So, I just finished up a new pair!   I've called them my Monet socks, as the yarn reminds me a bit of an Impressionist painting.  Again photo to come tomorrow in the daylight.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   A new year is so full of promise, love it!  So given to New Years resolutions, of the top of my head, I really need/want to knit up a chunk of the stash of yarn I have on hand.  Not only for the decluttering and space issues, but I find if I have too much on hand, I become just a machine churning out article after article, and not really stretching myself creatively. I hope to do both this year.

I have a new sewing machine, bought the Friday before Christmas, and newly decked out sewing room with a new table and storage.  Pics to follow :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

While we were on vacation in Georgia to see Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, at the High museum, we also stopped at a sweet quilt shop,  Cottontail Quilts.  I picked up with cute apron panel, and finished it up today.  Very cute!

Not really that difficult sewing, but having not sewn a lot in recent years, fun to stitch up and get the machine cranking again. Very cute quilt shop, by the way if you are in the Kennesaw area!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm doing a block of the month group at Quilt Trends, using the book "Toes in the Sand" and some beautiful batiks in blues, purples, and greens.  Each month, you pick up a packet of the materials, and have at it. Though there is a class each month as part of the program, I've not been able to get there yet.  Here are the first two block designs, you end up making 2 blocks each month, sort of a light and dark variation of the same block.

Another weekend ends, but went Saturday to a wonderful class at Knitting Temptations, with Michelle Hunter, of Knit Purl Hunter, almost done with a sweater, and then to the Ohio Theater to see Wicked with some good friends.  Today a work out at the gym, breakfast with my youngest, Mass with my oldest and gardening with my daughter!   

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial day weekend so far!

Yesterday I spent a wonderful few hours at Clines Plant Farm- The Mustard Seed Retreat taking a Succulent wreath class.  Clines is out in the country, so the setting for the class is beautiful, and so relaxing. We sat outdoors, birds chirping and  a couple of 4 week old kittens jumping out of their bed to explore.  One in particular was determined to go find her mom on her own and kept meowing loudly until the mommy cat appeared to take a rest with the kittens and feed them.

The making of the wreath was really enjoyable, very easy and I would highly recommend her classes if you live in the Columbus Ohio area.

Close up of side
The wreath will sit flat for two weeks to allow everything to take root and then I can hang it up in the garden, probably on the brick fence.  Clines also has all sort of neat items to repurpose and I did. My son has an internship at Scotts in Chemical engineering this summer, so when I saw a vintage Scotts spreader, I bought it.  I cut a piece of shelving down to fit inside the spreader, and bought some petunia's at Lowes and voila!
Next I plan on filling in around the planter with some pebbles and potted plants but this is so far.