Sunday, February 1, 2015

After a full week at work, traveling from Cincinnati to Cleveland and 3 large meetings back to back with events each night ranging from dinner out with a group to a Cleveland Cavalier's game, I finally got a little time to relax this afternoon.  So I headed for my studio of course.

First up, just a quick finish and I really haven't any plans for these two items yet, other than they are done and off the sewing table.  They are quilted postcards, I think the idea is that you turn them into the quilt shop, they send them to a central  location and then send a batch back, so you get a different one back from the one you turned in.  I didn't do that, just finished the two and will use them next Christmas.
 They use a fusible foam between the two layers which makes them slightly stiff.  The pieced design was a freebie from The Red Rooster  specifically for these postcards.  

Second up to be finished:  My local ASG chapter put out a request for pillowcases with a Valentines day theme for the James Cancer hospital here in Columbus. I finished three today.  The tutorial that I used is here: The Seasoned Homemaker.  Done burrito style ( I know, I wasn't sure what that meant, until I read through the tutorial, and then it makes sense), they are very quick.  The only thing I changed was to serge the inside seams rather than french seams.  
 The one in the front is my favorite, love that fabric!  

Now I am off to cook up dozen's of Italian meatballs to stock the freezer before the SuperBowl begins.  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some sewing!

I've joined the Shabby Fabrics Christmas Keepsake Block of the month and received the January block a few days ago.  I did the lazer cut option, which makes it ridiculous easy, but I do want to be able to put this quilt out right before Thanksgiving as I start to decorate for Christmas 2015, so easy is fine with me! The last mailing is in October, but I am determined to have this completed on time.
The finished quilt is  36" by 36" and can be seen on their website.  It's really cute.

The first block is done.  The ribbon embellishment on the top of the ornament is added when you are completely done, and doing the finishing touches, so later this year.  I used Floriani threads and did just a blanket stitch around the pieces and voila!

Another finished item:  for a swap on Ravelry, I made a valentines theme fabric sock project bag with some heart shaped stitch markers.  No pattern, but a tutorial that can be found here.Notes from Terry Ann.  It went together beautifully and I plan on making more, for gifts and for me.  
I love the little side pocket!  it's big enough for a tape measure, probably a set of double points and your stitch markers.  The fabric is All My Heart by Josie Celio and Sally Griswold of Iron Orchid Designs/ Clothworks.  Appropriate for Valentines day but not too cutesy.  I purchased it at Red Rooster Quilts

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Back from an incredible trip to the Republic of Ireland!!  Pictures and more to follow but in the meantime I've added my blog to Blogloving.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Sewing Storm.

My youngest son was married at the beginning of October and I've been busy helping and sewing for that event. I made two flowergirl dresses: Pink Imperial Batiste, a round yoke style with english smocking below the yoke, as well as a Tiffany blue dress for the youngest granddaughter.

Once those were done, I hit the sewing room to start working on my wardrobe for an upcoming trip to Ireland.  Marcy Tilton has a new top pattern out, and I got it just in time.  It's a wonderful pattern, fits perfectly, and goes together well.   Vogue 9057.
This is a sweater knit that I actually bought at Joanne Fabrics, a place I usually avoid, as their customer service, their lines and the sense of hopelessness when you see the cutting counter, turns the trip into something that is less enjoyable than perhaps getting the flu, or worse. However, I did like the fabric.  It is a sweater knit, with a black/charcoal mesh between the large dots of grey wool knit.  
Two more of the same pattern, The solid black tank fits under the other tops, for a layer of warmth if needed. It is also a black sweater knit, but very fine and lightweight.  The solid green is a cotton jersey knit.  Not too much to say, but will go with the items that I have knitted for the trip well.   The one below is an lightweight jersey knit, bought online.  I wasn't sure about the print, but it does go with the whole travel wardrobe, so we will see.  I like it better than I thought I would 

I would highly recommend this pattern, there is also included a standard t-shirt as well as the tunic styles and I will be making that also.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I just took an all day Fitting seminar with Louse Cutting from Cutting Lines Designs. It was held in Cleveland at Janie's Sewing Corner.  Fantastic!!!!!

She covered a variety of fitting issues, and we worked with small scale pattern pieces  I also bought fabric and patterns.  Will cover those tomorrow!

One thing that always sticks out for me with the independent pattern companies...besides the better quality fit and construction, I wish they would have photos of the actual garments on the pattern.  A number of the patterns, including other brands when I see the actual garment, it looks so different from the illustration.
I bought the One Seam Pants, which by the drawing, I thought would be a baggy, elastic pants but though they are elastic at the waist, they fit very well.  Another pattern I bought, Simplify Your Life, is a wonderful top with two versions, and "Take Me Anywhere" will be a Fall coat out of some beautiful novelty wool, I bought today at Janie's.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I've been participating in Knitting Sarah's, KAL for 2014- Socks with Sarah.  As I perused the two bins of sock yarn I own, and while I browsed among the online shops for more sock yarn, I wondered just how many pairs I had already knit in the last decade or so?  (I really do not need more sock yarn)

So, channeling Susan B. Anderson's sock drawer post , I pulled all of mine out for a photo.  21 pairs, though pair # 22 is drying right now, after being blocked.
 I really like to knit the wilder self striping yarn, but I've also noticed that I wear the more subdued ones more often.  Drying right now is  a pair made with bits of sock yarn from other projects. This is the link to the Ravelry page :Sock Opus, definitely not subdued!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sock Knitting

I've decided to join the KAL that Knitting Sarah has organized for 2014, called Socks with Sarah. I love the idea.  After we all saw the incredibly wonderful sock drawer belonging to Susan Anderson,, I know, as many knitters did, wanted to finish up my own over abundance in both sock yarns and socks already on the needles.   The plan with her KAL is to just knit a little each day on a sock, that is it. No deadline, etc. No specific pattern to use, thought she has several suggestions, just knit.

So, I just finished up a new pair!   I've called them my Monet socks, as the yarn reminds me a bit of an Impressionist painting.  Again photo to come tomorrow in the daylight.