Sunday, March 5, 2017

2017 Sewcial Event in Novi Michigan.

So it isn't May anymore, and I've decided I really need to either post on this blog or give it up.  I'm going to keep posting.  In February, I traveled to Novi, MI. about 3 1/2 hours north for the Sewcial event.  It was wonderful, and I went by myself, which was more relaxing than I thought it would be.

I won the early bird drawing for a Reliable iron, and at first thought, oh that is nice, I'll keep it around till my current iron goes.  After using Reliable irons at the event, I got it out right away when I got home. I love that you get absolutely no spitting of water when pressing, and if you shut off the steam, it is off, no spitting.  It's fantastic.

I arrived on Thursday so had some time to relax and with the shopping trip to Habermans leaving later in the morning on Friday, I didn't want to risk bad weather and arrive late.  I stopped at a yarn shop that looked interesting and then headed to the hotel.  At breakfast met a number of wonderful fellow attendee's, such a really interesting and friendly group of people!

Haberman's was wonderful and I enjoyed shopping around with another attendee from Boston, the kind of person you wished lived closer, because we would probably go to a lot of sewing events together. She was very creative and interesting and fortunately we were in the same group the whole weekend.  I had a blast at Haberman's and will make the trip up north at least once a year and especially when I need fabric for my daughter's wedding.  They had wine and lunch for us too, which was nice.

Friday night was an opening social event, and the exchange of the gifts.  They had sent us all yardage from Free Spirit Fabric with the idea that if you wished, you created a gift to exchange at the event.  I made a bag:

One of several i've made over the fall.  To my surprise, Linda Lee of the Sewing Workshop received mine, and she really liked it.  I've made a number, including this one, that I did for my daughter, and so now I am being encourage to open an etsy shop.  I'm leaning that way, because I really do like making bags. 

But back to the Sewcial.  Saturday and Sunday were all day classes, both were wonderful.  Linda Lee, The Sewing Workshop,  was Saturday with the Tremont Jacket.  I've got mine complete, save the button and buttonhole.  It is nice, but too plain, so will be adding some stenciling and sashiko stitching, channeling Diane Ericson.  I think i've worked out what I need to do.  The second class was taught by Janet Pray, Islander Sewing System, which at first I wasn't as excited about, but was so impressed with her techniques and the use of the semi industrial sewing machine by Babylock, the Jane.  (which somehow followed me home).  I haven't finished that yet, but will after this week.  I have a large meeting at work this week, as well as teaching a class on Sashiko on Sunday, so busy getting all that done first.  

I did finish up a new jacket to wear at the Sewcial: The Chateau coat, which was a pretty quick and easy sew.  I used a printed lightweight ponte, and work black leggings, and a denim 3/4 colored t-shirt under.

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