Sunday, February 1, 2015

After a full week at work, traveling from Cincinnati to Cleveland and 3 large meetings back to back with events each night ranging from dinner out with a group to a Cleveland Cavalier's game, I finally got a little time to relax this afternoon.  So I headed for my studio of course.

First up, just a quick finish and I really haven't any plans for these two items yet, other than they are done and off the sewing table.  They are quilted postcards, I think the idea is that you turn them into the quilt shop, they send them to a central  location and then send a batch back, so you get a different one back from the one you turned in.  I didn't do that, just finished the two and will use them next Christmas.
 They use a fusible foam between the two layers which makes them slightly stiff.  The pieced design was a freebie from The Red Rooster  specifically for these postcards.  

Second up to be finished:  My local ASG chapter put out a request for pillowcases with a Valentines day theme for the James Cancer hospital here in Columbus. I finished three today.  The tutorial that I used is here: The Seasoned Homemaker.  Done burrito style ( I know, I wasn't sure what that meant, until I read through the tutorial, and then it makes sense), they are very quick.  The only thing I changed was to serge the inside seams rather than french seams.  
 The one in the front is my favorite, love that fabric!  

Now I am off to cook up dozen's of Italian meatballs to stock the freezer before the SuperBowl begins.