Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   A new year is so full of promise, love it!  So given to New Years resolutions, of the top of my head, I really need/want to knit up a chunk of the stash of yarn I have on hand.  Not only for the decluttering and space issues, but I find if I have too much on hand, I become just a machine churning out article after article, and not really stretching myself creatively. I hope to do both this year.

I have a new sewing machine, bought the Friday before Christmas, and newly decked out sewing room with a new table and storage.  Pics to follow :)


Toni said...

A new sewing machine? How exciting!!!!! What did you get?

Cynthiacc said...

A Pfaff 2.0 Creative Expression :)

Cynthiacc said...

It does embroidery,Toni, your ornaments inspired me!