Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday-Jewelry and Hospital

The August break challenges continues and as I thought of what today could be in photos, again a photo of the garden area at Children's Hospital and also a photo of the first chain maille bracelet creation of mine.

The bracelet was a class at, and while I enjoyed the class, I found it a little frustrating.  The instructor used a lot of "lingo" so to speak in the class that those that had not done chain maille before did not "get", and there was one person in the class that had taken previous classes and so she and the instructor bonded while the other two people, myself and another, sort of struggled on by ourselves.  I've had other classes at the shop though that were wonderful, so this is the first one that wasn't up to my expectations, so that is not too bad.   AND again, it was more dedicated time to  be able to learn how to do this, rather than finding a block of time at home to do so, which can be difficult at times. Especially with this summer! 

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